Land of the Giants


The best thing about watching any of Irwin Allen's productions is the fun they bring us and we celebrate this with some fun of our own. If you have any humorous cartoons or pictures or Irwin Allen stories you would like to share, please contact us.

Captain Burton being protective of his first issue of Giants Log!

Premiere of Night of the Cat

A little bit of Giants fun.  Introducing Roscoe as "The Cat" in Land of Cat Giants episode Night of the Cat.

Land of Cat Giants episode Night of the Cat

Night of the Cat Slide Show


Here at IANN and Giants Log we love to party and will feature pictures from our parties in the section below:

Cakes - Irwin Allen inspired party cakes

Land of the Giants Quiz

Click on the links below for the quiz from our 1992 mini-convention.

Quiz Questions

Quiz Answers (no peeking at the answers until you've tried to answer the questions!)



Cartoon by G. Foulds



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