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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


Science Fiction USA 1964-1968
110 X 52 minute episodes
B/W-1st season/Color - 2nd-4th seasons
On ABC/Irwin Allen Production
First telecast: September 14, 1964
Last telecast: September 15, 1968


Admiral Harriman Nelson................................................................ Richard Basehart
Commander/Captain Lee Crane.................................................... David Hedison
Lt. Commander Chip Morton........................................................... Robert Dowdell
Chief Curley Jones (1964-5)............................................................ Henry Kulky
Chief Sharkey (1965-8)..................................................................... Terry Becker
Kowalski............................................................................................... Del Monroe
Patterson.............................................................................................. Paul Trinka
Stu Riley (1965-7)............................................................................... Allan Hunt
Sparks................................................................................................... Arch Whiting
Doctor.................................................................................................... Richard Bull
Lt. O'Brien (Recurring role, 1964-5)................................................. Derrik Lewis
Clark/Benson (Recurring role, 1964-7)........................................... Paul Carr
Doctor (Recurring role, 1965-6)........................................................ Wayne Heffley



EPISODE 59 - "Monster From the Inferno" (September 18, 1966)

Writer: Rik Vollaerts
Director: Harry Harris
Music Leith Stevens

Guest Stars:

Dr. Lindsay: Arthur Hill
Monster Voice: Michael Fox

Dr. Lindsey is on Seaview to investigate a communications disturbance. He finds a brain-shaped organism on the sea floor, which (naturally) takes control of his will. Telepathically, the blob-ish creature forces the good doctor to bring it aboard the submarine and do its dirty work. Soon Captain Crane is taken over as well (naturally). The life form needs Seaview to be its body so it can enslave the inferior human race!

  • An interesting and never before seen shot is of the ship "rocking and rolling", from the outside looking in.


EPISODE 60 - "Werewolf" (September 23, 1966)

Writer: Donn Mullally
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Stars:

Hollis: Charles Aidman
Witt: Douglas Bank

Investigating a radioactive volcano, two visiting scientists are attacked by a huge wolf. One of them survives, but has been infected by a mutant virus, which causes him to keep changing from man to werewolf and back again. When Admiral Nelson is exposed to the infection, the crew races against time to obtain a vaccine.

  • The werewolf virus flares up again in the later episode, "Brand of the Beast".


EPISODE 61 - "The Day the World Ended" (October 2, 1966)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Jerry Hopper

Guest Star:

Senator Dennis: Skip Homeier

A charismatic senator visits Seaview. The visit gets off to a rocky start when Kowalski shoots Patterson for no apparent reason. Regardless, Nelson proudly demonstrates his new invention -- a device that shows the position of every nuclear submarine in the world. Then the little lights representing the subs start to go out, and soon it seems that Seaview is alone in the world. Has the world really ended, or is there some other explanation?

  • Skip Homeier also appeared in "The Amphibians" and as the friendly alien in "Attack".
  • Look out for footage of the previous season's "Monster from Outer Space".


EPISODE 62 - "Night of Terror" (October 9, 1966)

Writer: Robert Bloomfield
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Stars:

Sprague: Henry Jones
Buccaneer: Jerry Catron

In the diving bell are Admiral Nelson, Chief Sharkey and Dr. Sprague. A strong current catches the bell and carries it off to a . . . prehistoric island! An hallucinogenic gas causes the men to see things that are not really there. They wish they weren't seeing some things that actually are there -- dinosaurs? lizards? Whatever they are, they roar really loud! Will Captain Crane be able to find the lost bell and save his comrades? Can Admiral Nelson truly withstand a missile blast by ducking into a cave?

  • This episode was originally called "Spanish Gold".
  • Henry Jones also appears as Pem in "A Time to Die" and "No Way Back".
  • Jerry Catron also appears in "The Fossil Men", "Shadowman" and "Destroy Seaview!"


EPISODE 63 - "The Terrible Toys" (October 16, 1966)

Writer: Robert Vincent Wright
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Stars:

Sam Burke: Paul Fix
Old Man: Francis X. Bushman

Seaview is investigating a UFO. Along the way, they pick up a shipwrecked old man -- almost always a bad omen when our gallant crew finds a castaway! The bedraggled fellow has a sack full of strange, frightening toys capable of murder, and of destroying the submarine. Turns out the alien ship needs to melt down Seaview's hull for fuel. Nelson and Crane do their best to foil the aliens' plans before it is too late.

  • The great silent film star, Francis X. Bushman, was very ill during the filming of this episode, and died shortly thereafter.


EPISODE 64 - "Day of Evil" (October 23, 1966)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Jerry Hopper

"I hope that you're planning a burial at sea. I find them so delightfully amusing!" Alien to Admiral Nelson

A UFO falls into the sea but Seaview has no time to investigate. The sub is off for a rendezvous with the Pacific Fleet -- then the reactor begins to run wild. Patterson is sent in to damp the pile by hand. He is stopped and wounded by . . . Admiral Nelson? With Seaview helpless on the bottom, their oxygen about to run out, Captain Crane sacrifices his own life in order to save the lives of his crew. Devastated by the imminent death of his friend, Nelson is visited by a mysterious, smirking, articulate, and thoroughly evil alien. Will the Admiral sell his soul to save his best friend? Will mankind survive this close encounter?

  • When did the Admiral get a FailSafe device installed in his cabin?
  • When Captain Crane is suffering his 'final agony' in the Missile Room, he sheds a painful tear from his left eye. Or is it a bead of sweat? The Captain will cry again in Season 4's "Man-Beast".
  • Although this episode is one of Voyage's best, the noble, patriotic character of Captain Crane was done much harm -- having him fire a nuclear missile at his fellow countrymen was an unforgivable plot contrivance.
  • Notice that when Nelson and Sharkey are carrying an unconscious Crane off to Sick Bay, Richard Basehart starts to giggle.
  • For some reason only beknownst to him, David Hedison held onto one "anti-radiation" glove as his friends were taking him away.
  • You can see David Hedison leave a make-up stain on the bulkhead as he slides down to the deck in the Missile Room.


EPISODE 65 - "Deadly Waters" (October 30, 1966)

Writer: Robert Vincent Wright
Director: Gerald Mayer

Guest Stars:

Stan Kowalski: Don Gordon
Kruger: Lew Gallo
Commander Finch: Harry Lauter

Captain Crane risks his life and his ship to rescue a deep-diver from a wrecked sub. As a consequence, Seaview goes crashing to the bottom of the sea. Again! The ungrateful, whining, complaining, cry-baby diver turns out to be none other than Kowalski's older brother, Stan. Someone's got to go out and get an SOS to the surface. Stan is the only man trained as a deep-diver. But he's too chicken, and refuses to lift a finger to help the crippled sub. Once again, Captain Crane risks death as he goes out in the specialized diving gear. The Admiral gives an impassioned speech about the true meaning of courage, but will Stan heed the message?

  • Hmmm . . . Could the nasty crewman Kruger be any relation to the equally nasty and infamous Gerhardt Krueger?


EPISODE 66 - "Thing From Inner Space" (November 6, 1966)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Alex March

Guest Stars:

Bainbridge Wells: Hugh Marlowe
Monster: Dawson Palmer

A strange sea creature has killed the camera crew of the world famous Bainbridge Wells. Wells wants to borrow the Seaview to find and capture this newly discovered life form. Though he has doubts about the character of Wells, Nelson agrees to Seaview's taking on the mission. Will the crew survive its encounter with this mysterious beast (and we don't mean the sea monster!)?

  • Whenever there's a crewmember's relative around, there's bound to be trouble on Seaview! Like Kowalski's brother, Patterson's father is no exception to the rule. He dies without saying a word of course, it's just that these relatives are baaaaad luck!


EPISODE 67 - "The Death Watch" (November 13, 1966)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Leonard Horn

Seaview puts out to sea under automatic control with only Nelson, Crane and Sharkey aboard. As the Captain and the Admiral try to kill one another, Sharkey is caught in the middle. With the only gun aboard in Crane's hands, will the badly wounded Nelson survive long enough to figure out what's happening to them?

  • Notice the footage of Crane sneaking aboard a docked Seaview, taken from the pilot episode "Eleven Days to Zero".


EPISODE 68 - "Deadly Invasion" (November 20, 1966)

Writers: John and Ward Hawkins
Director: Jerry Juran

Guest Stars:

Sam Garrity: Warren Stevens
General Gaines: Michael Fox

Little itsy bitsy spaceships, carrying (one would presume) little itsy bitsy aliens, penetrate Seaview's hull. Somehow, the tiny guys turn into 6-ft. humanoids. One of them turns into Sam Garrity -- Nelson's old friend from WWII, who just happens to be deceased! The aliens want nuclear fuel from SATO 6 -- an abandoned atomic underwater base -- and they need Harriman Nelson to start up the dormant facility.

  • A wonderful special effect is the force field surrounding Nelson and the Chief. At first glance, it looks like a see-through shower curtain. On second glance it does, too!
  • Warren Stevens also appears in "Saboteur" and "Cave of the Dead".


EPISODE 69 - "The Haunted Submarine" (November 27, 1966)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Harry Harris

Nelson receives a visit from a ghostly ancestor who tries to entice him away to a carefree, swashbuckling existence on his ghost ship. As he struggles with temptation -- and inadvertently sprays a time-frozen Chief Sharkey with foam -- the rest of the crew has no idea what's going on.


EPISODE 70 - "The Plant Man" (December 4, 1966)

Writer: Donn Mullally
Director: Harry Harris

Guest Star:

John/Ben Wilson: William Smithers

As everyone knows, scientists and Seaview just don't mix! Especially when the scientists are twins -- one evil, one good, who happen to have a telepathic bond. The bad twin, Ben, is of course whacko, and wants to create an army of radioactive plant men. And John, the good twin, is no match for his mentally deranged brother. Will the crew of the Seaview survive its encounter with yet another mad genius?

  • Other actors originally considered for the part of the twins were: Keith Andes, William Tallman, Richard Carlson, Mark Richman, Michael Connors, Jack Kelly, Martin Landau


EPISODE 71 - "The Lost Bomb" (December 11, 1966)

Writer: Oliver Crawford
Director: Gerald Mayer
Music: Alexander Courage

Guest Stars:

Bradley: John Lupton
Vadim: Gerald Mohr
Zane: George Keymas

An unexploded superbomb is lying at the bottom of the sea. It must be deactivated. Naturally, the job falls to the Seaview. But time is running out, an enemy sub is bent on foiling the mission, and there is an enemy agent on board!

  • In this episode, we learn that Chief Sharkey's middle name is Ethelbert. We also find out he used to go swimming in New York's East River. (It's okay. The East River wasn't that polluted in the 1930's and '40's -- the years of Sharkey's childhood.)


EPISODE 72 - "Brand of the Beast" (December 25, 1966, pre-empted from December 18th)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Justus Addiss

So that Seaview can speed to the rescue of a stricken ship, Nelson carries out a dangerous repair on the reactor. Unfortunately, the radiation brings on a recurrence of the virus infection he contracted in "Werewolf", and soon the crew has its hands full trying to keep him from wrecking the ship.


EPISODE 73 - "The Creature" (January 1, 1967)

Writers: John and Ward Hawkins
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Star:

Dr. King: Lyle Bettger

A strange plant-like creature on the sea floor attacks Captain Crane. He's brought back aboard Seaview and appears to be dead. Then, suddenly, miraculously, the Captain comes back to us! Unfortunately, he seems to have an invisible red mop over his face! Yes, that's right, our gallant Skipper has been taken over yet again. He is now part of the creature -- as is the scientist traveling on Seaview -- and does his best to keep Nelson from destroying it.

  • Voyage's second episode by the same title


EPISODE 74 - "Death From the Past" (January 8, 1967)

Writers: Sidney Marshall and Charles Bennett
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Stars:

Admiral Von Neuberg: John van Dreelen
Lt. Froelich: Jan Merlin

The Seaview comes upon an undersea lab, rescuing two men in Nazi uniforms. Due to the effects of an experimental nerve gas, the men have been asleep since WWII, they have not aged, and they are in a state of suspended animation. Once aboard Seaview, they wake up. Unwilling to believe the War is over, the dutiful officers do their very best to complete their deadly 30-year old mission.

  • Another episode in which Captain Crane is shot. Luckily, he heals quick!
  • The Nazi officers in this episode are extremely competent and efficient. But even Gerhardt Krueger wouldn't like these guys!
  • John van Dreelan also appears in "The Last Battle".
  • Jan Merlin also appears in "No Way Out" and "The X-Factor".


EPISODE 75 - "The Heat Monster" (January 15, 1967)

Writer: Charles Bennett
Director: Gerald Mayer

Guest Stars:

Dr. Bergstrom: Alfred Ryder
Larsen: Don Knight

At an Arctic outpost, scientists make contact with a fiery life form that destroys their base. When the only survivor is brought aboard Seaview, along with a block of ice that contains the alien, the temperature soon starts to rise.

  • Alfred Ryder also appears in "The Phantom Strikes" and "The Return of the Phantom".


EPISODE 76 - "The Fossil Men" (January 22, 1967)

Writer: James N. Whiton
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Stars:

Captain Wren: Brendan Dillon
Richards: Jerry Catron

"'Then, the pounding came - terrible pounding - as if the heart of Satan himself was beating - an evil hymnal of the rocks, as a band of devils sounded from the deep.'" Nelson reading to Crane

There's a strange clicking sound on the hydrophone. A fierce turbulence rocks the Seaview. Divers are sent out to investigate. Only one comes back. Nelson and Sharkey are swept into a mysterious cave where they meet . . . the fossil men!

  • This episode has some of the funniest lines on the entire series. For example, Sharkey picks up an old rusted out Flintlock left behind by some ancient sailor. He fools with it and is shocked when it actually goes off: "I, uh, I didn't know it was, uh --" Nelson gives the Chief one of his dismembering glares and completes the sentence: "-- it was loaded. That is one of the saddest phrases!"
  • Jerry Catron also appears in "Night of Terror" and "Destroy Seaview!"


EPISODE 77 - "The Mermaid" (January 29, 1967) 

Writer: William Welch
Director: Jerry Hopper

Guest Star:

Mermaid: Diane Webber

While the Seaview is conducting a boring old seal census, Captain Crane catches sight of a beautiful, alluring, mythical mermaid. The Admiral believes Crane is seeing things. In a move which is completely out of character, Crane leaves the ship to chase after the mermaid. He soon brings her back to the sub against her will, and comes totally under her spell. There is also an enemy bomb to worry about, as well as an out-of-control monster running amok on the sub. In other words, just an average day for the crew of the SSRN Seaview.

  • The lonely Captain Crane appears truly enamoured of the lovely creature he has fished out of the sea, but of course, their relationship is doomed from the start. Interspecies romances hardly ever work out!
  • The mermaid was Voyage's last female guest star for the entire series, and the only female to appear in the final two seasons.
  • The mermaid's scaly friend shows up in countless Irwin Allen productions.


EPISODE 78 - "The Mummy" (February 5, 1967)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Harry Harris
Music: Lionel Newman, Morrie McNaughton

"You know, Lee, I - I think there are some things that are uh . . . better left unexplained, huh?" Nelson to Crane

To ease red-hot tensions in the Middle East, Seaview is called upon to return a 3000-year old Mummy to its country of origin. However, the Mummy has other plans. Will the Seaview survive this perilous journey? Will Captain Crane ever stop fainting? Will the Mummy win or lose his battle with a nuclear garden hose?

  • This episode can boast one of the best musical scores of the entire series.
  • Notice that during the times Captain Crane is wandering around the ship under the Mummy's influence (wreaking havoc wherever he goes), his famous ring is off his finger. Was this done to try to confuse the television audience? Was it some Freudian idiosyncrasy of Captain Crane? Or did the Mummy just absolutely hate that ring!
  • Please take special note of Captain Crane's wrinkled uniform shirt. Frankly, this anomaly was a dead give-away that the Captain was not himself.
  • Also note that Captain Crane appears once again in his white pajamas!
  • At some point during its life, the Mummy suffered a severe L5-S1 disk herniation, as evidenced by his footdrop (or pronounced limp), and he probably had a nerve impingement in his shoulder as well. How he came by these injuries is of course a mystery!
  • Apparently the poor creature was dead-set against going home to the Middle East, as it did everything in its power to get back to its nice air-conditioned museum in New York.


EPISODE 79 - "Shadowman" (February 12, 1967)

Writer: Rik Vollaerts
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Stars:

The Shadow: Jerry Catron

Once again Seaview sets sail with less than a full crew. Guess what? Catastrophe abounds. An energy-absorbing creature, whose appearance is that of a shadow, wants to stop the launch of an interstellar probe. Morton is taken over and the lives of our heroes hang in the balance.

  • Jerry Catron also appears in "Night of Terror", "The Fossil Men" and "Destroy Seaview!"


EPISODE 80 - "No Escape From Death" (February 19, 1967)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Harry Harris

On the lookout for an undersea laboratory, Seaview is rammed by another sub and once again, goes on a voyage to the . . . you know the rest. A giant jellyfish swallows up the Captain and his diving party. Will the Seaview run out of air before it's too late? Will Nelson actually fire a missile at the creature while Crane is stuck inside? You bet your sweet life he will!

  • This episode should have been titled "No Escape From Stock Footage"! There are scenes from "Submarine Sunk Here", "Hail to the Chief", "Jonah and the Whale", "Graveyard of Fear", "Shape of Doom", and possibly others. It even brings back crewmen who died in previous episodes!
  • Notice that when Captain Crane is outside the ventilation duct, he is not wearing his tie, then, when he crawls into the duct, he is wearing his tie, then, when he comes back out again, the tie is gone!


EPISODE 81 - "Doomsday Island" (February 26, 1967)

Writer: Peter Germano
Director: Jerry Hopper

A man-sized egg is caught in one of Seaview's nets. Naturally, the specimen is put in the Missile Room for safekeeping. Naturally, the crewman posted as a guard cannot obey a simple order and keep his mitts off. Wouldn't you know it, the thing hatches, comes out howling mad, and takes care of the crewman in short order. The red-suited alien belongs to a race of beings that want to take over the earth! Of course they need the Seaview's reactor to help them hatch their eggs. How will Admiral Nelson save our planet this time!

  • In this episode, the Admiral orders a missile fired at the Flying Sub, even though it appears that Captain Crane is aboard.


EPISODE 82 - "The Wax Men" (March 5, 1967)

Writer: William Welch
Director: Harmon Jones
Music: Robert Drasnin

Guest Star:

The Clown: Michael Dunn

Seaview's Missile Room becomes a storage area for large wooden crates, alleged to contain statues from Atlantis. The crates are being shipped to Washington, D.C. for an exhibition. Somehow (don't ask!), the crates contain wax duplicates of Seaview's crew! And each waxman is under the control of a . . . clown. Captain Crane, late reporting for duty, is the last man aboard, and the only member of the crew without a wax replica. Can the Captain out-think his evil opponent and save his ship?

  • In this episode, Crane takes a blow-torch to the Admiral's head (well, the replica's head anyway)!
  • Note Crane is in his dress blues for this episode, not khakis.
  • Note also the excellent make-up on the waxed crewmen.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which we never really find out what the bad guy is up to.
  • This episode has one of the finest and certainly most eerie musical scores of the entire series.


EPISODE 83 - "Deadly Cloud" (March 12, 1967)

Writer: Rik Vollaerts
Director: Jerry Hopper

Guest Stars:

Jurgenson: Robert Carson
Invader: Robert McFadden

Seaview is running with a skeleton crew -- that can only mean one thing: bad news for the Seaview! A mysterious cloud is causing worldwide disasters. Crane takes off in the Flying Sub to investigate. Once inside the cloud, Crane is taken over (yep, again!) by a strange, silver-faced alien, who is as nasty as they come! The aliens are in the midst of extracting metals from Earth in order to save their own planet. In the meantime, they want to study human minds and human behavior. In hopes of saving the world, Nelson wants to fire a nuclear missile (of course) at point blank range into the cloud. Will this be the end of Seaview? Will Crane's tailor be able to fix his sleeve?

  • There is a very interesting deja vu incident in this episode.


EPISODE 84 - "Destroy Seaview!" (March 26, 1967, pre-empted from March 19th)

Writer: Donn Mullally
Director: Justus Addiss

Guest Stars:

Leader: Jerry Catron
Dr. Land: Arthur Space

Nelson plots to turn over a rare mineral discovery to the enemy power that has had him brainwashed. Will Crane, trapped in an underwater cavern and weakened by radiation, be able to stop him in time?

  • Jerry Catron also appears in "Night of Terror", "The Fossil Men", and "Shadowman".

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