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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


Science Fiction USA 1964-1968
110 X 52 minute episodes
B/W-1st season/Color - 2nd-4th seasons
On ABC/Irwin Allen Production
First telecast: September 14, 1964
Last telecast: September 15, 1968


Admiral Harriman Nelson................................................................ Richard Basehart
Commander/Captain Lee Crane.................................................... David Hedison
Lt. Commander Chip Morton........................................................... Robert Dowdell
Chief Curley Jones (1964-5)............................................................ Henry Kulky
Chief Sharkey (1965-8)..................................................................... Terry Becker
Kowalski............................................................................................... Del Monroe
Patterson.............................................................................................. Paul Trinka
Stu Riley (1965-7)............................................................................... Allan Hunt
Sparks................................................................................................... Arch Whiting
Doctor.................................................................................................... Richard Bull
Lt. O'Brien (Recurring role, 1964-5)................................................. Derrik Lewis
Clark/Benson (Recurring role, 1964-7)........................................... Paul Carr
Doctor (Recurring role, 1965-6)........................................................ Wayne Heffley


SEASON ONE (32 Episodes)

EPISODE 1 - "Eleven Days to Zero" (Original Airdate: Monday, September 14, 1964)

Writer: Irwin Allen
Director: Irwin Allen
Music: Paul Sawtell
Musical Supervision: Lionel Newman

Guest Stars:

Dr. Fred Wilson: Eddie Albert
Dr. Selby: John Zaremba
Chairman: Booth Colman
Dr. Gamma: Theodore Marcuse/Werner Klemperer
Malone: Mark Slade
O'Brien: Gordon Gilbert
Captain John Phillips: Bill Hudson
Army General: Barney Biro
Scientist: Walter Reed
Air Force General: Hal Torey

"Seaview's job is never finished. As long as there are destructive forces in the world, as long as there are secrets of nature to be probed, believe me, there'll be work for us -- on missions just as vital and as dangerous as this one." Admiral Nelson to Captain Crane

A gigantic tidal wave will destroy much of the civilized world, but Admiral Harriman Nelson has a plan to stop it -- Seaview will set off a nuclear explosion at precisely the right time and place. Evil forces seek to destroy Nelson before he implements his plan -- in the chaos following the tidal wave, they hope to take over the world! Seaview's original Skipper is killed and it's Lee Crane from the US Navy to the rescue.

  • Although aired originally in black and white, "Eleven Days to Zero" was also filmed as a color pilot. 
  • In the B&W version, Dr. Gamma is played by Theodore Marcuse. However, if one looks carefully, one can see the face of Werner Klemperer (and vice versa in the color version). Werner Klemperer also appears in "The Blizzard Makers", and his distinctive voice can be heard in "The Saboteur".
  • Paul Sawtell's exciting nautical theme music begins like Alexander Courage's Star Trek theme song, with a rare ascending minor 7th. Of course Voyage's song came first! Sawtell also composed the score for The Fly, which starred David (Al) Hedison.
  • While the theme over the closing credits is the same one we all know and love, a different musical motif can be heard over the opening credits.


EPISODE 2 - "The City Beneath the Sea" (September 21, 1964)

Writer: Richard Landau
Director: John Brahm
Music: Paul Sawtell

Guest Stars:

Seraff: Hurd Hatfield
Melina: Linda Cristal
Round-Face: John Alderson
Dimitri: Al Ruscio
Xanthos: Peter Brocco
Nicolas: Peter Mamakos
Atlas: Joey Walsh
Operator (Starfish): Dennis Cross
Georgio: Paul Kremin (aka Paul Zastupnevich)
Hotel Clerk: Athan Karras

While investigating the disappearance of research ships in the Aegean, the Seaview is damaged by a bomb. Captain Crane goes ashore, and pretends to be a diver for hire. The Captain meets an ex-diver, now a mute due to a tragic accident, who claims to have seen a "city beneath the sea". Crane gets hired by the "bad guy", but his cover is soon blown. He is taken prisoner and nearly loses his life.

EPISODE 3 - "The Fear-Makers" (September 28, 1964)

Writer: Anthony Wilson
Director: Leonard Horn
Music: Hugo Friedhofer

Guest Stars:

Dr. Kenner: Edgar Dergen
Dr. Davis: Lloyd Bochner
Malone: Mark Slade
Murdock: Robert Payne
Dan Case: Walter Brooke
Philip James: Ed Prentiss
Anders: William Sargent
The Director: Martin Kosleck

"Does it frighten you to be going down forty-five hundred feet in an eggshell?"

After Seaview's sister ship, Polidor, is lost on an experimental deep dive, Seaview continues with the tests. Unknown to the already stressed crew, one of the visiting psychologists aboard is an enemy agent who has released a fear-causing gas into the air system. As Seaview plunges into the depths a dangerous panic starts to spread.

  • Lloyd Bochner also appears in "The Deadliest Game".


EPISODE 4 - "The Mist of Silence" (October 5, 1964)

Writer: John McGreevey
Director: Leonard Horn

Guest Stars:

Detta Casone: Rita Gam
Ricardo Galdez: Alejandro Rey
President Fuentes: Edward Colemans
Captain Serra: Henry Delgado
Chairman: Booth Colman
Williams: Doug Lambert
Farrell: Joey Tata
Oriental Colonel: Weaver Levy
Spanish Major: Armand Alzamara
General Esteban d'Alvarez: Mike Kellin
Sonar: Nigel McKeand
Villager: Paul Kremin (aka Paul Zastupnevich)

On a rendezvous mission, Crane and several crewmen are drugged into unconsciousness on a deserted yacht. Waking up in a South American prison, the men are taken out to the courtyard, one per hour, and executed. All will die unless Crane breaks his oath and confesses what he cannot. Will Nelson's rescue mission succeed? Will the country in question survive the machinations of the evil man who wants to take over?


EPISODE 5 - "The Price of Doom" (October 12, 1964)

Writer: Cordwainer Bird (aka Harlan Ellison)
Director: James Goldstone

Guest Stars:

Reisner: David Opatoshu
Wesley: John Milford
Julie Lyle: Jill Ireland
Pennell: Steve Ihnat
Mrs. Pennell: Pat Priest
General: Dan Seymour
Crewcut: Ivan Triesault
Technician: Paul Kremin (aka Paul Zastupnevich)

A husband and wife Antarctic research team is killed by an experiment on plankton gone wild. Seaview arrives to investigate and take plankton samples. Soon the submarine is in danger of succumbing to the horrible, slimy growth. Nelson, Crane and crew face another problem: one of the three scientists on board the sub is an enemy agent.


EPISODE 6 - "The Sky is Falling" (October 19, 1964)

Writer: Don Brinkley
Director: Leonard Horn

Guest Stars:

Rear Admiral Tobin: Charles McGraw
Air Force General: Frank Ferguson
Chief: Adam Williams

An alien spaceship lands in the ocean, and Seaview is sent to investigate. Although Seaview is powerless in the vicinity of their ship, the aliens seem friendly, and Nelson manages to open negotiations. The military authorities, however, have other ideas, and Seaview may be in as much danger from human interference as from the aliens.

  • This was the first episode to feature extraterrestrials -- but by no means the last!


EPISODE 7 - "Turn Back the Clock" (October 26, 1964)

Writer: Sheldon Stark
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.

Guest Stars:

Jason Kemp: Nick Adams
Carol Denning: Yvonne Craig
Dr. Denning:: Les Tremayne
Native Girl: Vitina Marcus
Ziegler: Robert Cornthwaite
Naval Doctor: Robert Patten

A lush, tropical, verdant paradise in the South Pole? Living dinosaurs? Such fanciful ideas must surely be the ravings of a madman. Or perhaps not, as Admiral Nelson soon discovers. The question is, will he and Crane survive their trip to a lost world?

  • Much of the footage from this episode came from Irwin Allen's 1960 production, The Lost World. Hence, Captain Crane's neckerchief! Feeling cheated, the television audience wrote letters of complaint to TV Guide and ABC. The episode was not shown in reruns that first season.
  • Vitina Marcus appeared in The Lost World with David Hedison, and also appears as "Lani" in Season 2's "The Return of the Phantom".
  • Other episode featuring dinosaurs are: Season 2's "Terror on Dinosaur Island"; Season 3's "Night of Terror"; and from Season 4, "A Time to Die" and "The Death Clock".


EPISODE 8 - "The Village of Guilt" (November 2, 1964)

Writer: Berne Giler
Director: Irwin Allen

Guest Stars:

Lars Mattson: Richard Carlson
Sigrid Mattson: Anna-Lisa
Dalgren: Steven Geray
Otto Hassler: Frank Richards
Anderson: G. Stanley Jones
Proprietor: Torben Meyer
The Boy: Greger Vigen
Gatern: Erik Holland

A sea monster kills three villagers in a Norwegian fjord. One man survives. Seaview arrives to investigate. Nelson and Crane are met with hostility from the locals and find the survivor has died. Nelson does his best to make sure the "sea monster" doesn't destroy Seaview.


EPISODE 9 - "Hot Line" (November 9, 1964)

Writer: Berne Giler
Director: John Brahm

Guest Stars:

Gronski: Everett Sloan
Malinoff: Michael Ansara
Clark: Paul Carr
President: Ford Rainey
Presidential Assistant: James Doohan
Russian Chairman: John Banner
S.A.C. General: Robert Carson

A Soviet satellite has crashed into the sea and its nuclear reactor must be disarmed before it causes a disaster. Two Soviet scientists come aboard Seaview to carry out the work -- but one of them is an imposter.

  • Michael Ansara also appeared in the 1961 Voyage movie, and in the later episode "Killers of the Deep".
  • Yes, it's that James Doohan, of Star Trek fame. Doohan also appears in "Hail to the Chief".


EPISODE 10 - "Submarine Sunk Here" (November 16, 1964)

Writer: William Tunberg
Director: Leonard Horn

Guest Stars:

Evans: Carl Reindel
Harker: Eddie Ryder
Blake: Robert Doyle
Dr. Baines: Wright King
Collins: George Lindsey

Damaged by an explosion from an old mine field, Seaview takes a dive to the ocean floor. Listing dangerously, running out of oxygen, having to deal with fire and flood, the crew can do nothing but wait for help. But will help arrive in time?


EPISODE 11 - "The Magnus Beam" (November 23, 1964)

Writer: Alan Caillou
Director: Leonard Horn

Guest Stars:

Major Amadi: Mario Alcalde
General Gamal: Malachi Throne
Luana: Monique Lemaire
Abdul Azziz: Jaques Aubuchon
Inspector Falazir: Joseph Ruskin
Sulimani: Richard Hale

A mysterious weapon is destroying American U2s. The Seaview's mission is to find the weapon and destroy it. Captain Crane goes undercover. A night-club performer, who is also a resistance fighter, comes to Crane's aid. The Captain is soon captured and severely beaten. Meanwhile, on Seaview, Major Amadi demands asylum. To prove his sincere intentions, he promises to lead the sub to the powerful magnetic weapon responsible for taking out those U2s. Nelson suspects he wants to lead Seaview to a watery grave.

  • Malachi Throne also appears in "The Enemies" and in Season 4's "The Return of Blackbeard".


EPISODE 12 - "No Way Out" (November 30, 1964)

Writers: Robert Hamner and Robert Leslie Bellem
Director: Felix Feist

Guest Stars:

Victor Vail: Jan Merlin
Anna: Danielle de Metz
Koslow: Than Wyenn
Colonel Lasco: Oscar Beregi
Parker: Richard Webb

Nelson and Crane go undercover and risk their lives in order to bring a Communist defector back to the United States. But the man is injured in the attempt, and his lover is left behind. He won't speak to the agent waiting for him on Seaview (actually a double agent) until he is reunited with his Anna. But even Anna is not all she seems.

  • Jan Merlin also appears in "The X-Factor" and "Death From the Past".


EPISODE 13 - "The Blizzard Makers" (December 7, 1964)

Writer: William Welch, from a story by William Welch and Joe Madison
Director: Josef Leytes

Guest Stars:

Dr. Melton: Milton Selzer
Cregar: Werner Klemperer
Mrs. Melson: Sheila Matthews
Air Force Lt.: William Boyett
Surgeon: Kenneth MacDonald
Lineman: Biff Elliot

In blizzard-wracked Florida, Nelson contacts a meteorologist who may be able to help explain the strange weather conditions. That night, however, the scientist is abducted, and "programmed" to kill Nelson. When his first attempt fails, he comes aboard Seaview when she sails to investigate the source of the problem, and continues his efforts.

  • Sheila Matthews later married Voyage creator and executive producer Irwin Allen.
  • Werner Klemperer also appeared in "Eleven Days to Zero" and "The Saboteur".


EPISODE 14 - "The Ghost of Moby Dick" (December 14, 1964)

Writer: Robert Hamner
Director: Sobey Martin

Guest Stars:

Walter Bryce: Edward Binns
Ellen Bryce: June Lockhart
Jimmy Bryce: Bob Beekman

"I know all about Captain Ahab!" Admiral Nelson to Captain Crane

An old friend of Nelson's comes aboard Seaview to continue his research into the giant whale that destroyed his ship, crippling him and killing his son. His real motives, however, have more to do with vengeance than science, and Crane becomes concerned that the Admiral is caught up in his friend's obsession. 

  • Richard Basehart starred as Ishmael in the cinema's Moby Dick.
  • June Lockhart played Mrs. Robinson on Lost In Space.
  • Other episodes featuring giant whales are "Jonah and the Whale" and "The Shape of Doom".


EPISODE 15 - "Long Live the King" (December 21, 1964)

Writer: Raphael Hayes
Director: Laslo Benedek

Guest Stars:

Old John: Carroll O'Connor
Prince Ang: Michael Petit
Colonel Meger: Michael Pate
Countess: Sara Shane
Georges: Jan Arvan
Johnson: Peter Adams

When the King of a small but friendly nation is assassinated, Seaview is assigned to take the young Crown Prince back home to assume his throne. Neither Nelson (who gets turned out of his own cabin) nor Crane are used to handling children. Help arrives in the form of a mysterious flute-playing old man who befriends the boy after he is picked up at sea.

  • This is the only Voyage 'Christmas' episode.


EPISODE 16 - "Hail to the Chief" (December 28, 1964)

Writer: Don Brinkley
Director: Gerd Oswald

Guest Stars:

Laura: Viveca Lindfors
General Beeker: John Hoyt
Commander Jamison: Malcolm Atterbury
Morgan: Edward C. Platt
Dr. Kranz: David Lewis
Monique: Nancy Kovack
Chairman: Berry Kroeger
Dr. Taylor: Tom Palmer
Oberhansly: Lorence Kerr
Tobin: James Doohan
President McNeil: Ford Rainey
Stenographer: Susan Flannery

Injured in a fall, the President of the United States is in desperate need of surgery -- and the operation must be kept secret. Naturally, Seaview is chosen as the best place for the operation. An enemy agent, taking the place of the doctor who would have used a radiological device on the President, will attempt to kill the Commander-in-Chief with a deadly ray. Will she be discovered in time to save the President?

  • Susan Flannery also appears in "The Traitor" and "Time Bomb".


EPISODE 17 - "The Last Battle" (January 4, 1965)

Writer: Robert Hamner
Director: Felix Feist

Guest Stars:

Schroder: John van Dreelen
Reinhardt: Dayton Lummis
Miklos: Joe de Santis
Brewster: Ben Wright
Tomas: Rudi Solari
Deiner: Eric Feldary

Audaciously kidnapped from a plane in mid-air, Nelson finds himself one of a group of captives on a remote island, waiting to be used as pawn in a plot by Nazis still trying to conquer the world. It doesn't take him long to build a radio and signal to Seaview -- but maybe that was exactly what the bad guys expected him to do!

  • John van Dreelen turns up again as a Nazi in "Death from the Past".


EPISODE 18 - "Mutiny" (January 11, 1965)

Writer: William Read Woodfield
Director: Sobey Martin

Guest Stars:

Admiral Starke: Harold J. Stone
Captain: Jay Lanin
Lieutenant Commander Jackson: Lew Brown
Fowler: Steve Harris

When an experimental submarine is lost to a giant jellyfish, Nelson is the only survivor. Rescued after days on a makeshift raft, he is eager to get back to Seaview and take up the hunt for the creature. Also aboard is Nelson's old friend, "old Navy" Admiral Jiggs Starke, who has his own ideas about how Seaview should be run. As the tension aboard mounts, it becomes clear that Nelson hasn't completely recovered from his ordeal, and the Captain is driven to desperate measures.


EPISODE 19 - "Doomsday" (January 18, 1965)

Writer: William Read Woodfield
Director: James Goldstone

Guest Stars:

Corbett: Donald Harron
Clark: Paul Carr
President: Ford Rainey
General Ashton: Paul Genge

A nuclear alert puts an end to the crew's celebration of crossing the Equator. When the alert ends, a problem remains -- one of the missiles won't deactivate. Is it morally right to "push the button"? One of the many questions Seaview's crew must answer in this exciting and tension-filled episode.


EPISODE 20 - "The Invaders" (January 25, 1965)

Writer: William Read Woodfield
Director: Sobey Martin

Guest Stars:

Zar: Robert Duvall
Foster: Michael McDonald

Who are the invaders? An undersea quake uncovers mysterious metallic capsules, which have been hidden for millions of years. In one capsule brought aboard Seaview is the strange and powerful Zar, who claims his people lived on earth eons ago. He wants the rest of the capsules retrieved and all his people revived. However, Zar's blood contains a deadly virus, which could destroy all mankind. This makes Zar nearly impossible to destroy.


EPISODE 21 - "The Indestructible Man" (February 1, 1965)

Writer: Richard Landau
Director: Felix Feist

Guest Star:

Dr. Brand: Michael Constantine

The indestructible man is really a robot programmed with human emotions. The brainchild of its loving creator, the robot was sent on an interstellar journey -- where no man had gone before! However, something happened to it out in deep space. Once back aboard Seaview, the mighty mechanical man begins to run amok and wreak havoc on the sub.


EPISODE 22 - "The Buccaneer" (February 8, 1965)

Writers: William Welch and Al Gail
Director: Laslo Benedek

Guest Stars:

Logan: Barry Atwater
Igor: George Kaymas
French Captain: Emile Genest
Guard: Eugene: Dynarski

"Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you . . ." On her way to the World's Fair in Australia, the lady with the mysterious smile is the obsessive object of art collector Logan's heart. Whether it means setting fires, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, or murder, Logan will stop at nothing in order to possess da Vinci's masterpiece. For a time, Seaview is home to this "cold and lonely, lovely work of art."


EPISODE 23 - "The Human Computer" (February 15, 1965)

Writer: Robert Hamner
Director: James Goldstone

Guest Stars:

Reston: Simon Scott
The Man: Harry Millard
Foreign General: Ted de Corsia
First Admiral: Herbert Lytton
Second Admiral: Walter Slade

"I want you to die." Enemy agent to Captain Crane.

Can Seaview be run completely by a computer? Are sailors obsolete? Can an injured Captain Crane outwit his nemesis and survive long enough to save his ship? How do these enemy agents always manage to get onboard Seaview and switch top secret tapes!


EPISODE 24 - "The Saboteur" (February 22, 1965)

Writer: William Read Woodfield
Director: George Reed

Guest Stars:

Forester: Warren Stevens
Dr. Ulman: Bert Freed
Fred: Russell Horton
Spencer: James Brolin
Voice of Brainwasher: Werner Klemperer

"Peace of the world?! -- You hypocrite! You don't care about the peace of the world!" Crane to Nelson

Kidnapped by enemy agents, kept awake for days, Crane is brainwashed into betraying his friend and his country. His mission is to disarm strategic missiles being placed in silos at the bottom of the sea, then, to kill Admiral Nelson.

  • This is the first of many episodes in which Captain Crane tries to kill Admiral Nelson -- or vice versa!
  • This is the first episode in which we see Captain Crane in his pajamas!
  • Warren Stevens also appears in "Deadly Invasion" and "Cave of the Dead".
  • Werner Klemperer starred in the pilot "Eleven Days to Zero" and in "The Blizzard Makers".

EPISODE 25 - "Cradle of the Deep" (March 1, 1965)

Writer: Robert Hamner
Director: Sobey Martin

Guest Stars:

Dr. Janus: John Anderson
Clark: Paul Carr
Dr. Andrew Benton: Howard Wendell

Dr. Janus has developed a device which can actually "speed up" evolution. To complete his experiments, he must have a sample of matter from the ocean floor -- from a part of the ocean which is known as a graveyard for submarines. The particle of matter begins to grow and becomes a threat to Seaview and all hands.

EPISODE 26 - "The Amphibians" (March 8, 1965)

Writer: Rik Vollaerts
Director: Felix Feist

Guest Stars:

Dr. Jenkins: Skip Homeier
Dr. Winslow: Curt Conway
Angie: Zale Perry
Danny: Frank Graham

Another instance of scientists losing their objectivity and abandoning their ethics. At XP-1, an undersea research facility, fantastic experiments -- turning men into amphibians -- are being successfully conducted. When Seaview comes to investigate, her crew is in grave danger.

  • Skip Homeier also appears in "The Day the World Ended" and "Attack".

EPISODE 27 - "The Exile" (March 15, 1965)

Writer: William Read Woodfield
Director: James Goldstone

Guest Stars:

Brynov: Edward Asner
Josip: David Sheiner
Konstantin: Harry Davis
Semenev: James Frawley
Mikhil: Jason Wingreen

Admiral Nelson makes a rendezvous with the defecting ex-leader of a hostile power aboard his yacht. When the yacht is blown up, Nelson finds himself adrift with the defector, Brynov, and some of his colleagues, in a life raft too small to hold all of them.

  • David Sheiner also appears in "The Death Ship".

EPISODE 28 - "The Creature" (March 22, 1965)

Writer: Rik Vollaerts
Director: Sobey Martin

Guest Star:

Adams: Leslie Nielsen

An ultrasonic force destroys an island missile testing facility, killing all but the project's supervisor. Wishing to redeem his reputation, Adams endangers the Seaview and betrays his oath as a naval officer in the process.

  • Season 3 also has an episode named "The Creature".

EPISODE 29 - "The Enemies" (March 29, 1965)

Writer: William Read Woodfield
Director: Felix Feist

Guest Stars:

General Tau: Henry Silva
Dr. Shinera: Malachi Throne
Captain Jim Williams: Robert Sampson
Frank Richardson: Tom Skerrit

Seaview is sent to investigate the loss of the Angler. Nelson and Crane are shocked when they discover the answer. Delving deeper into the mystery, the two friends are soon turned into bitter enemies.

  • This is the second episode in which Crane attempts to kill his mentor, commanding officer, and best friend, Harriman Nelson. Fortunately, he's a bad shot!

EPISODE 30 - "The Secret of the Loch" (April 5, 1965)

Writer: Charles Bennett
Director: Sobey Martin

Guest Stars:

Professor MacDougall: Torin Thatcher
Inspector Lester: Hedley Mattingly
Angus: George Mitchell
Andrews: John McLiam
Magistrate: Joe Higgins
Crofter: Tudor Owen

Seaview visits Scotland so that Nelson can deliver classified plans to a secret laboratory deep beneath Loch Ness -- but the staff of the laboratory has been killed, apparently by the legendary monster of the loch. Seaview follows an underwater tunnel into the loch to a confrontation with the "creature."

EPISODE 31 - "The Condemned" (April 19, 1965)

Writer: William Read Woodfield
Director: Leonard Horn

Guest Stars:

Admiral Falk: J. D. Cannon
Archer: Arthur Franz
Hoff: Alvy Moore
Tracy: John Goddard

Admiral Falk has invented a new "atmosphere" which will enable submarines to dive thousands of feet below the surface. Seaview is called upon to help conduct testing. But is the experiment all-important to Falk, or is he seeking publicity and fame? Is he even the scientist he claims to be?

  • See Season 4's "The Man-Beast" for a similar plot.

EPISODE 32 - "The Traitor" (April 19, 1965)

Writers: William Welch and Al Gail
Director: Sobey Martin

Guest Stars:

Major General Fenton: George Sanders
Hamid: Michael Pate
The Sister: Susan Flannery

"Dear Harry, Europe was boring, but it's good to be home." Edith Nelson

Nelson receives word that his sister Edith, the only family he has, has been abducted by enemy agents. They demand secrets in exchange for her safe return; will he betray his country for her sake? Even Captain Crane begins to suspect that he might ....

  • Susan Flannery also appears in "Time Bomb".
  • Michael Pate also appears in "Long Live the King".

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