Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Props

18 Foot Seaview
3 Foot Flying Sub Miniature
4 Foot Seaview Miniature
4 Foot Seaview Restoration
4 Inch High Diving Bell
7 Inch High Diving Bell
8 Foot Seaview
8 Foot Seaview Reproduction
Concept Art
Dry Dock Painting
Flying Saucer
Flying Sub Miniature
Flying Sub Painting 1
Metal Wrench
Mini-Sub Painting 1
Yellow Missile Sub
Opening Storyboards
Polidor Submarine
Research Lab
Seaview Hatch Design
Seaview Miniatures
Seaview Painting 1
Soil Sample Speargun
Theme Park
Underwater City
Voit Conqueror Scuba Regulator
Vulcan Submarine