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The Time Tunnel


The focus of this page is any trivia, facts and information about anything relating to The Time Tunnel. If you have any little interesting bits of information about The Time Tunnel, please email IANN.

James Darren's green turtleneck jumper James Darren kept his green turtleneck jumper after filming finished on The Time Tunnel.
The Time Tunnel The Time Tunnel first aired in the UK on Tuesday 9th July 1968 on BBC 1 (at 6.15pm). For some reason (possibly due to the Olympics in October 1968), the BBC only showed 13 episodes. Some of the commercial regional channels such as ATV, Southern, Border, and Thames picked up the series in the mid-seventies. Other regions didn't see The Time Tunnel until the early 1990's.
Dennis Hopper in Rendezvous with Yesterday As the news came through of the death of actor Dennis Hopper, we felt we should remember him not only for his role as Napoleon in The Story of Mankind, but also for his uncredited role as Tabor in the pilot episode of The Time Tunnel. His scenes were later cut from the episode, but he can be seen in the background as Tony speaks with Althea on the deck of the Titanic.