The Time Tunnel


If you have worked on any creative projects inspired by The Time Tunnel that you would like to share with others, please contact IANN.


The Time Tunnel Complex by Kenneth Netzel

Art by Christopher Krieg

Time Tunnel Art by Christopher Krieg

Art by A. Dutto

The Time Tunnel by A Dutto

Virtual Reality Time Tunnel

Click here or on the picture below to visit the Virtual Reality Time Tunnel

Visit the Virtual Reality Time Tunnel

Computer Design and Modelling

With access to some fantastic computer modelling software, both commercial and open source, fans now have many new tools for expressing their creativity. Shows like The Time Tunnel provide the inspiration for many forward thinking ideas.

Richard Sierra's Futuristic Designs

Click here or on the image above to visit the gallery of Richards futuristing designs inspired by Irwin Allens television series.



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