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Time Tunnel 3D Model Construction

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Next came the control consoles.  I don't believe I've ever seen a keyboard on a mid-century control panel.  All of them were purpose built, with specialized controls.  The consoles took a lot of research.  Some of them were made from closely examining stills.  There are always decisions to be made between how realistic to make something and how much just to follow the props.  Close up, like in the picture below they look more like props.  When they are placed on the set with the proper lighting they seem more convincing.  I've seen pictures of a few of the real props for sale on E-Bay and the colors are different from the medium gray than appears on TV, but my goal was to reproduce what I seen and remember.  As far as the controls and indicators go, I can only guess what their fabricators had in mind when they were made.  There are meters that indicate levels, of some sort, and lights above the meters that must be basic status indicators.  The Lissajous patterns in the center display must indicate some sort of phase relationship between the Time Tunnel and, could be, the natural time line.  As far as the two displays on either side of the center console.  They appear to be some kind of standing wave pattern.

The Chairs are based on stills.  They seem to be standard padded office chairs.

The Time Tunnel mesh is based on some tests.  The first one I built was about a mile long and had an opening continuously just as a real tunnel would.  The problem with that was as the white and black circles got farther away from the camera they were thinner and caused distortions on the display.  The kind of banding effect that you see when someone wears a striped shirt on TV.  I had to create a forced perspective cone on the inside of the tunnel, similar to what they had to do on the TV show. 




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