The Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel 3D Model Construction

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Lights morphed to points


The lights that are intended to flash are copied onto a separate layer.  Then they are duplicated, on yet a third layer, and are morphed.  They are compressed down so small that all the points and surfaces in the mesh occupy the space in a single point.  Each light mesh occupies it's own area in virtual space separate from the others.  As the animated texture moves in virtual space it hits all the compressed surfaces of the lamp at the same time.  Now the sequence of events is important. 

The main computer mesh, minus the lights, becomes the parent layer.  The lights mesh, un-morphed, becomes layer number 2 (the position reference), and the morphed, squeezed lights mesh becomes layer number 3.  The squares in the "Lights morphed to points" image are the push buttons that don't flash.

The flashing lights normal mesh is made invisible because the points of the mesh are used as a reference for the points of the squeezed mesh to move to the reference positions.

The flashing, squeezed lights, morph to the position of the normal mesh lights (reference lights) and now represent the portion of the texture that turns them on or off.  The visible, now un-squeezed lights.

The result is lights that blink on and off in a seemingly random pattern.  The pattern actually runs randomly for a while and then reverses.  The texture in virtual space is oscillating back and forth.  Its such long and complex pattern that the back and forth oscillating isn't really noticeable.



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