The Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel 3D Model Construction

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In the course of researching, I found a mat painting of the "Time Tunnel" in it's chamber with walkways and lighting.  I understand the constraints of budget for TV production, but the matte painting is just so-cool!  I had to build the larger version of the "Time Tunnel".  So the project became bigger.

The picture on the left appears to be a concept drawing and the picture on the right was used in the show.

Next came building the model.

The computers have to have lots of flashing lights but they have to be driven by a procedural texture.  That way I don't have to make maps by hand to flash the lights.  I built the center section of the computer based on pictures.  The racks the computers are built into are roughly the same size as the test equipment racks that we use at work.  I used the dimensions of the outer frames as the basic dimensions and found some information on panel size.  After many hours I had the basic computer section for test. 


It doesn't work just to apply the texture to the flashing lights because as the texture moves it doesn't instantaneously turn the light on and off.  It creeps over the surface.  I found out the hard way.

The texture had to hit all polygons of the light bulb at the same time.  The only way I can figure out how to do that is with a mesh morph.  A mesh morph changes the shape of a mesh, normally used to make something move for an animation.  I had to modify the mesh to break away all the surfaces that glow, from the rest of the panel.




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