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Swiss Family Robinson - Irwin Allen

Irwin Allen's The Swiss Family Robinson


Welcome to the Irwin Allen News Network web pages dedicated to the 1975 series produced by Irwin Allen, The Swiss Family Robinson, which starred Martin Milner, Helen Hunt and Cameron Mitchell.

Irwin Allen's Swiss Family Robinson was based upon the well known story of the same name by Johann David Wyss about a family ship wrecked and stranded on a deserted island.

It was one of three pilot movies produced as part of a three pilot deal with Twentieth Century Fox with the others being The Time Travellers and Adventures of the Queen (neither of which culminated in the development of a series). Prior to its debut, Irwin Allen was proud to announce that the Swiss Family Robinson pilot was the first million dollar pilot feature ever made.

Swiss Family Robinson was produced with both adults and children in mind and pursued the family audiences of the mid-seventies. The two hour pilot episode first aired on 15 April 1975 and was reshown in September 1975 prior to the run of the series.

The series did well in the television ratings early on. However, by early 1976, the show was often pushed back for other shows as ratings dropped. This is a great shame because the show had all the fun and adventurous ingredients of any Irwin Allen action show whilst also providing one of the most family oriented storylines and characterisations of Irwin Allen's portfolio todate.

This series should not be confused with another series by the same name from the mid-seventies, made in Canada and starring Chris Wiggins.

We will be developing these pages over the coming months and would welcome your help with any information and pictures on the series.