The Return Of Captain Nemo



Part 2 of three part mini-series The Return of Captain Nemo first aired on Wednesday 15th March 1978. Professor Cunningham uses radioactive waste stored in steel casks in the deep Mindanao Trench to refuel his submarine, the Raven, and Nemo has to seal the leaks. There is a traitor on board the Nautilus, determined to sink Nemo and the submarine.

The Return Of Captain Nemo - Duel in the Deep


Index Date First Aired Episode Title  
1 8 March 1978 Deadly Blackmail  
2 15 March 1978 Duel in the Deep  
3 22 March 1978 Atlantis Dead Ahead  


José Ferrer - Captain Nemo
Tom Hallick - Commander Tom Franklin
Burr DeBenning - Lt. Jim Porter

Guest Stars

Burgess Meredith - Prof. Waldo Cunningham
Lynda Day George - Kate
Mel Ferrer - Dr. Robert Cook


Warren Stevens - Mr. Miller
Med Flory - Tor


Randolph Roberts - Nautilus Helmsman
Harvey Fisher - Nautilus Radioman
Peter Jason - Raven Helmsman

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Writers - Norman Katkov, William Keys, Mann Rubin
Director - Alex March
Production Executive - Arthur Weiss
Unit Production Manager - Donald C. Klune
Assistant Director - Norman Arthur August
Executive Assistant to the Producer - Art Volpert
Director of Photography - Lamar Boren, A.S.C.
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Film Editor - Bill Brame, A.C.E.
Music - Richard La Salle
Special Photographic Effects - L. B. Abbott, A.S.C.
Art Directors - Gene Lourie, Duane Alt
Casting - Jack Baur
Director of Underwater Sequences - Paul Stader
Costume Design - Paul Zastupnevich, C.D.G.
Sound Mixer - Al Overton, Jr.
Sound Editor - Allan R. Potter
Music Editor - Eugene Marks
Program Consultant - Herman Rush
Optical Effects - Van Der Veer Photo Effects
Set Decorator - John Anderson
Set Designer - Harold Fuhrman
Makeup - John Inzerella
Property - Jackie Ackerman

Copyright 1978 Warner Bros Inc.


This episode was heavily edited when The Return of Captain Nemo was cut down for the television movie version, The Amazing Captain Nemo.



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