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Television Movie

Year: 1986

Director: Walter Grauman

US Premiere: 2 March 1986

An Irwin Allen Production in association with Columbia Pictures Television
Copyright 1986 Columbia Pictures Television

Plot Summary

A court-case where a man admits to killing the murderer of his daughter, and where a young attorney turns it into a trial on the judicial system.


The Cast of the 1986 TVM Outrage

Robert Preston - Dennis Riordan
Beau Bridges - Brad Gordon
Burgess Meredith - Judge Aaron Klein
Linda Purl - Arlene Robbins
Anthony Newley - Victor Coles
William Allen Young - Lester Crewe
Mel Ferrer - Judge Michael Lengel
Bill Dearth - Spence
Steven Marlo - William Simmons
Stan Haze - Charlie Johnson
Brent Jennings - Wilbert Ward
Ric Mancini - Sgt. Kalbfus
Robert Miano - Santini
Vincent Howard - Prouty
Lou Valenzi - District Attorney
Myron Natwick - Dr. Frost
Sheila Allen - Mrs. Delehanty
Elizabeth Rogers - Stella Smith
Selma Archerd - Nedda Riordan
Robert Dowdell - District Attorney Curran
Seth Foster - Detective
Frank Homes - Broker
Bruce Neckels - Horelli
Susan Mackin - Agnes Riordan
David H. Roth - Attendant
Carol Pritikin - Secretary
Nick Angotti - Attendant
Greg Finley - Court attendant
Buck Young - Reporter #1
Ivan Saric - Broker #2
Peter Gonneau - Officer Moore
Elizabeth Elian - Reporter #3
Paul Cloud - Attendant
Morgan Lane - Policeman
Armand Cerami - Spectator
Ken Del Conte - Attendant
Patrick Culliton - Courtroom attendant
London Donfield - Attendant
James Joseph Galante - Attorney
William Ian Gamble - Attorney
Troy Jordan - Stenographer
John C. Mooney - Reporter #2
Kirk Scott - Assistant District Attorney

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Film Editor - Fred A. Chulack, A.C.E.
Art Directors - Ross Bellah, Hub Braden
Director of Photography - Joseph Biroc, A.S.C.
Music - Morton Stevens
Teleplay - Henry Denker
Original Novel - Henry Denker
Director - Walter Grauman
Associate Producer - George E. Swink
Costume Designer - Paul Zastupnevich, C.D.G.
Unit Production Manager - Bill Carroll
First Assistant Director - Wes McAfee
Second Assistant Director - Hope Goodwin
Make-Up Supervision - Leo L. Lotito Jr.
Make-Up - Mike Moschella
Hair Stylist - Jean Austin
Wardrobe Supervisor - Richard Little
Men's Costumer - Michael Chavez
Women's Costumer - Lucia De Martino
Set Decorators - Audrey Blasdel-Goddard, Ernie Bishop
Executive in Charge of Casting - Tim Flack
Casting - Al Onorato, C.S.A., Jerry Franks, C.S.A.
Publicity - Tony Habeeb, Welton Smith
Additional Film Editing - Lloyd Nelson
Music Editing - Noteworthy, Inc.
Sound Editing - Echo Film Services, Joseph Melody
Re-recording Mixers - Walter Goss, Douglas Botnick, Rex Slinkard
Sound Mixer - Don Sharpless
Script Supervisor - Nancy Greene
Production Illustrator - Joseph Musso
Camera Operator - Fred Smith
Chief Lighting Technician - Larry Gilhooly
Key Grip - Kenny Borland
Optical Effects - Freeze Frame
Property Master - Jeff Bellamy
Supervising Construction Coordinator - Hank Stonecipher
Production Coordinator - Betty Petitt
Transportation Coordinator - Don Desmond
Location Manager - Louis H. Goldstein
Assistant to Producer - Joyce Doran
Crafts Services - Ronald Weber


Outrage features many Irwin Allen regulars including Sheila Allen, Elizabeth Rogers, Steve Marlo and Patrick Culliton. Filmed at Burbank Studios.

Alternative Titles

France: Au-dessus de la loi
Portugal: O Ultraje


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