The Lost World


The Lost World


Year: 1960

Director: Irwin Allen

US Premiere: 13 July 1960

Plot Summary

Film based on Arthur Conan Doyle's adventure about an expedition party heading into unknown territory inhabited by prehistoric animals.

Production Crew and Actors on the set of The Lost World


Michael Rennie - Lord John Roxton
Jill St. John - Jennifer Holmes
David Hedison - Ed Malone
Claude Rains - Professor George Edward Challenger
Fernando Lamas - Manuel Gomez
Richard Haydn - Professor Walter Summerlee
Jay Novello - Costa
Ray Stricklyn - David Holmes
Vitina Marcus - Native Girl
Ian Wolfe - Burton White
Ross Brown - Airport Attendant
Colin Campbell - Professor Waldron
Larry Chance - Indian chief
Abie Bain - Reporter at Airport
Alex Finlayson - Reporter at the Airport
George Pelling - Reporter at the Airport
Gilchrist Stuart - Reporter at the Airport
Bert Stevens - Reporter at the Airport
Don Forbes - TV announcer
John Graham - Stuart Holmes
Peter Fontaine - Airport Attendant
Paul Cristo - Zoological Institute Forum Attendee
Ann Dore - Member of Zoological Institute Forum
Bess Flowers - Guest at Zoological Institute Forum
Sam Harris - Guest at Zoological Institute Forum and Man at the Airport
Kenner G. Kemp - Guest at Zoological Institute Forum
Fred Cavens - French Member of Zoological Institute Forum
Phyllis Coghlan - British member of Zoological Institute Forum
Alex Denaszody - German Member of Zoological Institute Forum
Ivo Henderson - British Member of Zoological Institute Forum
George Holmes - Zoological Institute Forum Attendee
Stuart Holmes - Zoological Institute Professor on Stage
Ruggero Romor - Italian Member of Zoological Institute Forum
Brian Roper - British Member of Zoological Institute Forum
Cosmo Sardo - Zoological Institute Forum Attendee
Jacqueline Squire - British Member of Zoological Institute Forum
Ben Wright - Ted Bottomley, BBC reporter at Airport
Paul Zastupnevich - Member of Zoological Institute Forum
Frostie - Frostie, Jennifer Holmes' pet poodle

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Director - Irwin Allen
Screenplay - Charles Bennett, Irwin Allen
Music - Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter
Director of Photography - Winton Hoch, A.S.C.
Art Direction - Duncan Cramer, Walter M. Simonds
Set Decorations - Walter M. Scott, Joseph Kish, John Sturtevant
Special Photographic Effects - L.B. Abbott, A.S.C., James B. Gordon, A.S.C., Emil Kosa, Jr.
Film Editor - Hugh S. Fowler, A.C.E.
Assistant Director - Ad Schaumer
Technical Adviser - Henry E. Lester
Costume Design - Paul Zastupnevich
Makeup - Ben Nye
Hair Styles - Helen Turpin, C.H.S.
Effects Technician - Willis O'Brien
Production Illustrator - Maurice Zuberano
Sound - E. Clayton Ward, Harry M. Leonard
Orchestration - Howard Jackson, Sid Cutner
Researcher - Elizabeth Emanuel
Dog trainer and owner of Frostie - Cindy James
"Voice" of the Lost World sound - Gwen Johnson


Alternative Titles

France: Le Monde Perdu
Germany: Die Versunkene Welt
Japan: 失われた世界


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