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A Girl In Every Port


A Girl In Every Port


Year: 1952

Director: Chester Erskine

US Premiere: 13 February 1952

Copyright 1952 RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.

Plot Summary

Story of two men who hide a race horse aboard a ship.

Tim Dunnovan inherits a race horse "Little Aaron" from his aunt which he and his friend Benny Linn discover is unable to run. Pearl, the stable boy tells them that Little Aaron is in fact a twin and that there is another horse, Little Shamrock.


Groucho Marx - Benjamin Franklin 'Benny' Linn
Marie Wilson - Jane Sweet
William Bendix - Timothy Aloysius 'Tim' Dunnovan
Don DeFore - Bert Sedgwick
Gene Lockhart - Doc Garvey
Dee Hartford - Millicent Temple
Hanley Stafford - Fleet Admiral Temple
Teddy Hart - High Life, Gangster
Percy Helton - Drive-In Manager
George E. Stone - Skeezer, the Jockey
Barbara Blaine - Car Hop #1
Helen Blizard - Car Hop #2
Sue Carlton - Car Hop #3
Anne Dore - Car Hop #4
Virginia Linden - Car Hop #5
Jonni Paris - Car Hop #6
Midge Ware - Car Hop #7
Chili Williams - Felice, Car Hop #8
George Barrows - Marine Sentry
Brooks Benedict - The Friend
Daniel Bernaducci - Small Sentry
Jack Chefe - Hotel Waiter
Henry Corden - Candy Nose, Henchman
Wade Crosby - Tough Customer
George Dockstader - Red, Sailor
Don Forbes - Assistant Track Announcer
Kenner G. Kemp - Sailor
Mike Lally - Officer
Teddy Mangean - Saboteur
Alan Matthews - Announcer and Judge
Al Murphy - Taxicab Driver
Richard Reeves - Slow Poke, Henchman
Al Rhein - Sailor
Julian Rivero - Angelo
Bobby Rose - Saboteur
Don Ross - Sailor
Ralph Sanford - Track Announcer
Joe Santoro - Wolfish Customer
Alex Sharp - Tall Sentry
Jack Shea - Sailor 'Red'
George Sherwood - Shore Patrol Officer
Bill Slack - Sailor Spud
Charles Sullivan - Stable Attendant
Terry Terrill
Lillian West - Miss Brooks, Bert's Secretary
Dave Willock - Seaman McGonegal
Rodney Wooton - The Pearl, Stable Boy
Beverly Hansen - Young Blond Woman

Stunts and Stand-ins

Martha Manor - Marie Wilson's Stand-in

Production Crew

Screenplay - Chester Erskine
Based on story "They Sell Sailors Elephants" by Frederick Hazlitt Brennan
Director of Photography - Nicholas Musuraca A.S.C.
Special Effects - Harold Stine
Art Directors - Albert S. D'Agostino, Walter E. Keller
Set Decorations - Darrell Silvera, Harley Miller
Film Editor - Ralph Dawson A.C.E.
Music - Roy Webb
Musical Director - C. Bakaleinikoff
Sound - Philip Brigandi, Clem Portman
Gowns - Michael Woulfe
Makeup Artist - Mel Berns
Hair Stylist - Larry Germain
Producers - Irwin Allen and Irving Cummings Jr.
Director - Chester Erskine (also wrote screenplay)


  • A Girl in Every Port was produced between mid-June and mid-July of 1951. It was produced under its original title, They Sell Sailors Elephants.
  • Gene Lockhart was June Lockhart's father.
  • Dee Hartford made her screen debut in this movie and appeared in two episodes of Lost in Space as well as being a guest on Land of the Giants (episode 'Target: Earth').
  • Percy Helton was a guest in Land of the Giants episode 'Ghost Town'.
  • Julian Rivero starred in Where Danger Lives.
  • This was the first of many Irwin Allen productions to feature Anne Dore (sometimes spelt Ann Dore) who is perhaps best known as the female giant assistant in the pilot episode of Land of the Giants 'The Crash'.
  • Jonni Paris was an actress and model in Hollywood who appeared in Rear Window and South Pacific and some 35 years later in the popular television series Falcon Crest.
  • Irwin Allen had to get the car hop costumes modified a couple of times to satisfy the censors.

Alternative Titles

Belgium: Girl Dans Chaque Port
Italy: Una Ragazza in Ogni Porto
Spain: Una Novia en Cada Puerto
France: Une Fille dans Chaque Port


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