Television Movie

Year: 1976

Director: Earl Bellamy

US Premiere: 24 November 1976

An Irwin Allen Production in association with Warner Bros Television
Copyright 1976 Warner Bros. Inc.

Plot Summary

The small resort town of Brownsville is devastated when a faulty dam bursts.


Robert Culp - Steve Brannigan
Martin Milner - Paul Burke
Barbara Hershey - Mary Cutler
Richard Basehart - Mayor John Cutler
Carol Lynley - Abbie Adams
Roddy McDowall - Mr. Franklin
Cameron Mitchell - Sam Adams
Eric Olson - Andy Cutler
Teresa Wright - Alice Cutler
Francine York - Daisy Kempel
Whit Bissell - Dr. Ted Horne
Leif Garrett - Johnny Lowman
Ann Doran - Emma Fisher
Elizabeth Rogers - Nancy Lowman
James Griffith - Charlie Davis
Edna Helton - Mrs. Wilson
Gloria Stuart - Mrs. Parker
Jack Collins - Al Spangler

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Director of Photography - Lamar Boren, A.S.C.
Writer - Don Ingalls
Director - Earl Bellamy
Production Executive - Arthur Weiss
Associate Producer - Al Gail
Unit Production Manager - Donald C. Klune
Assistant Director - Dan McCauley
Executive Assistant to the Producer - Art Volpert
Production Designer - Stan Jolley
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Film Editor - Bill Brame, A.C.E.
Special Photographic Effects - L.B. Abbott, A.S.C.
Music - Richard La Salle
Costume Design - Paul Zastupnevich, C.D.G.
Publicity - Tony Habeeb
Set Decorator - Stuart Reiss
Program Consultant - Herman Rush
Casting - Jack Baur
Stunt Pilot - Jake Hart
Sound Mixer - Herman Lewis
Music Editor - Eugene Marks
Sound Editor - Don Hall


Alternative Titles

France: Déluge sur la ville
Germany: Die Flut bricht los
Spain: Inundación
Japan: 洪水


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