Five Weeks In A Balloon


Five Weeks In A Balloon


Year: 1962

Director: Irwin Allen

US Premiere: 22 August 1962

Cambridge Productions, Inc.
Copyright 1962 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

Plot Summary

Story based upon Jules Verne's story of a balloon expidition across Africa.


Red Buttons - Donald O'Shay
Fabian - Jacques
Barbara Eden - Susan Gale
Sir Cedric Hardwicke - Professor Samuel Fergusson
Peter Lorre - Ahmed
Richard Haydn - Sir (General) Henry Vining
Barbara Luna - Makia
Billy Gilbert - Sultan
Billy Gilbert - Red Beard, the Auctioneer
Herbert Marshall - The Prime Minister
Reginald Owen - Mr. Townsend, British Consul
Henry Daniell - Sheik Ageiba
Mike Mazurki - Slave Captain
Alan Caillou - Inspector
Ben Astar - Myanga, Court Magician
Raymond Bailey - Cornelius P. Randolph
Jonathan Gilmore - Richards
Chester The Chimp - The Duchess

Uncredited roles courtesy of IMDB:

Joe Abdullah - Slave Trader
Sheila Mathews - Courtier
John Coultas - Native Horseman
Mike De Anda - Fat Native Servant
William Edmondson - Fat Buyer
Joe Ferrante - 2nd Arab Guard
Jonathan Gilmore - Chief Slave
Al Hoosman - Guard
Kendrick Huxham - Consular Official
Roy Jenson - 1st Arab Guard
Paul Kremin - Slave Trader
Ronald Long - Lord Chiddingfold
Hedley Mattingly - Prime Minister's Butler
Eric Micklewood - French Reporter
Alex Plasschaert - Tumbler
Vernon Edward Rickard - Courtier
Vernon Edward Rickard - Photographer
George Sawaya - Nomad Chief
Paul Stader - 5th Arab Guard
Mahmed Tahir - The Muezzin, Holy Man
Vic Tayback - European Agent
Frank Watkins - Portuguese Man
Charles Wood - Native Guard


Jerry Summers - Stunt Double for Red Buttons
Roy Jenson
Paul Stader
Bill McCarter - Photo Double for Sir Cedric Hardwicke

Production Crew

Original Novel - Jules Verne
Screenplay - Charles Bennett, Irwin Allen and Albert Gail
Producer - Irwin Allen
Director - Irwin Allen
Theme Song Composer - Jodi Desmond
Theme Song Singers - The Brothers Four
Music - Paul Sawtell
Director of Photography - Winton Hoch A.S.C.
Art Direction - Jack Martin Smith, Alfred Ybarra
Set Decorations - Walter M. Scott, Stuart A. Reiss, Norman Rockett
Production Illustrator - Maurice Zuberano
Film Editor - George Boemler A.C.E.
Special Photographic Effects - L.B. Abbott A.S.C., Emil Kosa Jr.
Assistant to Producer - Al Gail
Sound - E. Clayton Ward, Warren B. Delaplain
Costume Designer - Paul Zastupnevich
Assistant Director - Ad Schaumer
Makeup - Ben Nye
Hair Styles - Helen Turpin C.H.S.
Orchestration - Sid Cutner and Max Reese
First Assistent Editor - Orven Schanzer
Unit Production Manager - Bill Eckhardt
Main Title - Pacific Title
Color - De Luxe


Alternative Titles

France: Cinq Semaines en Ballon
Germany/Austria: Fünf Wochen im Ballon
Holland: Vijf Weken in een Luchtballon
Italy: Cinque Settimane in Pallone
Japan: 気球船探険 (translates as "Balloon Expedition Ship")
Spain: Cinco Semanas en Globo


Irwin Allen filming from camera crane






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