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Television Movie

Year: 1977

Director: Earl Bellamy

US Premiere: 8 May 1977

An Irwin Allen Production in association with Warner Bros Television
Copyright 1977 Warner Bros. Inc.

Plot Summary

An escaped convict starts a forest fire to hide his tracks, and this threatens a mountain community.


Ernest Borgnine - Sam Brisbane
Vera Miles - Martha Wagner
Patty Duke Astin - Dr. Peggy Wilson
Alex Cord - Dr. Alex Wilson
Donna Mills - Harriett Malone
Lloyd Nolan - Doc Bennett
Neville Brand - Larry Durant
Ty Hardin - Walt Fleming
Gene Evans - Dan Harter
Erik Estrada - Frank
Michelle Stacy - Judy
Patrick Culliton - Ted Gorman
James W. Gavin - Bill Clay

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Director of Photography - Dennis Dalzel
Screenplay - Norman Katkov, Arthur Weiss
Story - Norman Katkov
Director - Earl Bellamy
Production Executive - Arthur Weiss
Associate Producer - Al Gail
Unit Production Manager - Donald C. Klune
Assistant Director - Dan McCauley
Executive Assistant to the Producer - Art Volpert
Art Director - Ward Preston
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Film Editor - Bill Brame, A.C.E.
Music - Richard LaSalle
Special Effects - Cliff Wenger
Special Photographic Effects - L. B. Abbott, A.S.C.
Casting - Jack Baur
Publicity - Tony Habeeb
Stunt Coordinator - Max Kleven
Costume Design - Paul Zastupnevich, C.D.G.
Set Decorator - Ned Parsons
Program Consultant - Herman Rush
Make Up - Ed Ternes
Hair Stylist - Peggy Shannon
Sound Mixer - Herman Lewis
Music Editor - Eugene Marks
Sound Editor - Art Pullen


Fire was filmed in the state of Oregon and at Burbank Studios in California.

Alternative Titles

France: Horizons en Flammes
Germany: Horizont in Flammen
Germany: Blutiges Inferno
Japan: 大火災
Spain: El bosque en llamas


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