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Dangerous Mission


Dangerous Mission


Year: 1954

Director: Louis King

US Premiere: 6 March 1954

Copyright 1954 RKO Radio Pictures Inc.

Plot Summary

A young girl, played by Piper Laurie, witnesses a gang murder in New York, and runs away to Montana's Glacier National Park, pursued by the gang. She takes a job at the resort hotel, and the arrival of two mysterious men leads to confusion as to which is there to silence her.


The Cast of Dangerous Mission

Victor Mature - Matt Hallett
Piper Laurie - Louise Graham
William Bendix - Chief Ranger Joe Parker
Vincent Price - Paul Adams
Betta St. John - Mary Tiller
Harry Cheshire - Mr. Elster
Steve Darrell - Katoonai Tiller
Walter Reed - Ranger Dobson
Marlo Dwyer - Mrs. Elster
Dennis Weaver - Pruitt, Ranger Clerk
Trevor Bardette - Kicking Bear, Indian Chief at Schoolhouse
Helen Brown - Miss Thorndyke
Charles Cane - Charlie Barrett
John Carlyle - Bellhop
Robert Carraker - Traskins (Lead Fireman)
Jack Chefe - Party Caterer
James Conaty - Party guest/Dance extra
Jerardo De Cordovier - Native American Man in Hotel Foyer
Kem Dibbs - Johnny Yonkers
Ann Dore - Woman Serving in Shop
Bill Dyer - Party Waiter
Roy Engel - Hume, Fisherman who finds Adams' car
Bess Flowers - Tall Party Guest
Fritz Ford - Hawthorne
Wymer Gard - Cobb
Frank Griffin - Tedd, Desk Clerk
Chester Hayes - Native American Man in Hotel Foyer
Grace Hayle - Mrs. Alvord
George Hoagland - Male Party Guest
Chester Jones - Porter
Kenner G. Kemp - Hotel extra
Mike Lally - Fletcher, Firefighter
Virginia Linden - Mrs. Brown
Chester Marshall - Bellhop
Harry Mayo - Man at Hotel
Bert Moorhouse - Battaglia, the murder victim
Craig Moreland - Firefighter
Richard Newton - Boone, Reporter at Hotel
Monty O'Grady - Male Party Guest
Foster Phinney - Man at Party
James Porter - Ranger
Steve Rowland - Parking attendant
Sammy Shack - Firefighter
George Sherwood - Mr. Jones
Maureen Stephenson - Mrs. Jones
Bert Stevens - Hotel extra/Indian ceremony extra
Russell Thorson - Downriver Radio Operator
Ralph Volkie - Firefighter
Bill White Jr. - Hotel Clerk
Frank Wilcox - Jeremiah Kern, Yonker's Lawyer


Fred Carson - Stunt Double for Victor Mature
Fritz Ford

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Director - Louis King
Screenplay - Horace McCoy, W.R. Burnett, Charles Bennett
Story - Horace McCoy and James Edmiston
Director of Photography - William Snyder, A.S.C.
Technicolor Color Consultant - Monroe W. Burbank
Photographic Effects - Harold Wellman, A.S.C.
Art Directors - Albert S. D'Agostino, Walter Keller
Sound - Frank McWhorter, Clem Portman
Assistant Director - James W. Lane
Music - Roy Webb
Musical Director - C. Bakaleinikoff
Editorial Supervision - Frederic Knudtson, A.C.E.
Film Editor - Gene Palmer
Set Decorations - Darrell Silvera, John Sturtevant
Costumes - Michael Woulfe
Makeup Artist - Mel Berns
Hair Stylist - Larry Germain
Stunt co-ordinator - Fred Carson


Glacier Park Hotel in Irwin Allen's Dangerous Mission

  • Dangerous Mission was originally called Rangers of the North. An early title for the movie was Glacier Park.
  • Robert Mitchum was originally considered for Victure Mature's role.
  • It was an early 3D movie with the glaciers of Montana providing spectacular scenery for three dimensional footage.
  • The cast includes Ann Dore (woman at party) who played the female giant in the Land of the Giants pilot The Crash.
  • Also, keep an eye open for a young Dennis Weaver, better known as Marshal Sam McCloud in the 1970's series McCloud.
  • Predominantly filmed in the Glacier National Park in Montana.
  • The hotel featured in the movie is the Glacier Park Hotel, now called the Glacier Park Lodge.
  • This was the first Irwin Allen movie that cinematographer Harold E. Wellman worked on and he would work again with Allen in the late 1970s on a number of his disaster movies including The Swarm.
  • Man serving drinks to Yonkers and his lawyer is called George, but we don't see his face.
  • Matt's room number at the hotel is 216 (is this Irwin Allen's birthday in reverse?)
  • Jack Chefe makes a career of catering in Irwin Allen's movies as he also played a chef in Double Dynamite and a waiter in A Girl in Every Port.
  • Fritz Ford was a Hollywood stunt man.

Alternative Titles

France: Mission Périlleuse
Germany: Blut im Schnee
Italy: Agente Federale X3
Japan: 雪原の追跡
Spain: Nieves Traidoras


VHS Video

The VHS for this movie is pretty rare. We would be interested to see the cover if anyone has a copy.