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Adventures of the Queen


Adventures of the Queen

Television Movie

Year: 1975

Director: David Lowell Rich

US Premiere: 14th February 1975

Copyright 1975 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
An Irwin Allen Production in association with Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

Plot Summary

Pilot film for proposed series about the attempted kidnapping of a noted billionaire after a bomb has been planted aboard an ocean liner. Filmed on the Queen Mary at Long Beach, California. This pilot failed to become a series.


Robert Stack - Captain James Morgan
David Hedison - Doctor Peter Brooks
Ralph Bellamy - Jonathan L. Dundeen
Bradford Dillman - Martin Reed
Sorrell Booke - Robert Dwight
John Randolph - John Howe
Linden Chiles - Matthew Evans
Burr De Benning - Ted Trevor
Sheila Mathews - Claudine Lennart
Mills Watson - Jim Greer
Ellen Weston - Ann Trevor
Francine York - Betsy Schuster
Paul Carr - Walter Fletcher
Elizabeth Rogers - Irene McKay
Russell Johnson - Mr. Forbes, Bridge Officer
Frank Marth - Phillips
Lara Parker - Barbara
Vito Scotti - Bill Schuster
Richard X. Slattery - Chief Engineer Officer Riley
Than Wyenn - Fedderson, Steward
Patrick Culliton - Radio Officer
Steven Marlo - Officer
Erik L. Nelson - Mr. Jackson, Bridge Officer
Gloria Stuart - Female Passenger
Phil Barry - Ship Officer
Hank Robinson - Male Passenger

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Director of Photography - Jack Woolf
Story - Irwin Allen
Teleplay - John Gay
Director - David Lowell Rich
Production Executive - Arthur Weiss
Associate Producers - Al Gail, William Welch
Second Unit Director and Production Designer - Stan Jolley
Production Supervisor - Mark Evans
Production Manager - Hal Herman
Unit Production Manager - Norman A. Cook
Assistant Director - Danny McCauley
Film Editor - Bill Brame, A.C.E.
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Music - Richard La Salle
Music Supervision - Lionel Newman
Costume Design - Paul Zastupnevich, C.D.G.
Production Coordinator - Art Volpert
Casting - Jack Baur
Set Decorator - Jim Berkey
Sound Mixer - Herman Lewis
Liaison - Tom Witherspoon
Technical Advisor - J.O. Smith
Publicist - Will Fowler


  • Adventures of the Queen was one of three pilot shows produced by Irwin Allen as part of a three pilot episode deal with Twentieth Century Fox (the others being The Time Travellers and The Swiss Family Robinson).
  • This story was filmed aboard the Queen Mary luxury liner which is permanently moored at Long Beach in California (The Poseidon Adventure and the Memory of Eva Ryker were also filmed onboard The Queen Mary).
  • First aired in the US on Friday 14th February 1975.
  • The tannoy voice at 21:50 sounds very much like Irwin Allen calling Dr. Brooks (David Hedison) to the dispensary. Also at 37:18.
  • Gloria Stuart (female passenger) set sail again in 1997 in the James Cameron version of Titanic, playing the older Rose.
  • This is the most substantial role for Elizabeth Rogers in an Irwin Allen production, playing Irene McKay.

Alternative Titles

France: Terreur sur le Queen Mary


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