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Moebius Flying Sub with Custom Base and Stand

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Moebius Flying Sub with Custom Base and Stand
Moebius 1-32 scale Flying Sub with custom base and stand. Pro built and pro painted, this model shows meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every detail. In none of the images has the Flying Sub been retouched! The exterior was carefully painted to duplicate the color scheme of the studio props. Two custom figures have been added to the front seats to add realism to the model. The interior is beautifully painted and features custom LED lighting for the reactor, clear floor panels and other interior lighting effects. The interior lighting (reactor, etc.), headlights and cockpit lighting can be turned on and off independently by the power switches on the front of the custom built base. When turned "On" a green indicator light comes on signaling power to each area. The custom designed gloss black acrylic base measures 16" x 16" x 2.5" and has 13 LED’s rated at 100k hours. These are powered up by 5 micro switches, which include the On/Off power switch in the back. This lights the yellow, red, blue and amber indicator lights on top, the "Main Power" switch which lights the FS headlights, the "Reactor" switch which lights the reactor/interior, the "Engines" switch which actually powers the cockpit lighting and finally the "Keel Hatch" switch which turns on the 5 white spotlights which are recessed into the base. The names of all four switches have been laser etched onto the front panel and the plugs in the back of the base have been etched as well, with the numbers 1 thru 4. This is where the FS umbilical power feed plugs in. A 6 Volt, 1000ma DC transformer provides all the necessary power for the entire system and is included with the model. Plus, the custom 12" diameter Moebius FS display stand, in gloss black and clear acrylic, which was designed to be a perfect fit to the base.

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David Holderbaum