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The Irwin Allen News Network (IANN) offers a free membership pack which can be obtained by sending postage costs by PayPal (see postage details below).

Free Membership Includes


If you contribute Irwin Allen materials and research regularly for the Irwin Allen News Network publications and web sites, we will cover the postage for your membership pack. Contributors can for further details.


Our current membership folder and package is rather large and postage prices have been sky rocketting during the pandemic and with other political issues going on at the moment. We are looking at producing a smaller membership pack in the future to reduce postage costs. In the meantime, postage costs for the current membership pack are below. Note also that postal "World Zones" have changed and postage prices to the USA have become some of the most expensive (not sure why, perhaps due to local US postal price increases).

Royal Mail World Zones


Postage costs from 1 January 2021 including PayPal fees:

United Kingdom "Signed For" First Class Small Parcel: £5.29

Europe Airmail with tracking and signature on delivery: £12.81

Airmail to World Zone 1 Canada/South America/Asia with tracking and signature on delivery: £17.71

Airmail to World Zone 2 Australia/New Zealand with tracking and signature on delivery: £20.02

Airmail to World Zone 3 USA with tracking and signature on delivery: £22.17

Important note: PayPal charge an additional fee for using their services which is currently (as of mid-2019) 2.9% plus 30p for UK transactions, 3.4% plus 30p for Europe, and 4.9% plus 30p for rest of the world. This will be included when we send your invoice.


Please with your Membership Application Information (see below) together with your confirmed PayPal email and postal address. Please contact us using the email button at the bottom of the page for instructions, together with the membership information required below.

Membership APPLICATION Information Required

To apply for free membership, please send the following information when you email. This will enable us to tailor the package to your interests:


For those who don't need or can't afford shipping costs for a membership pack and who would still like to become a member, we can provide a membership number by email if you email over your membership application.

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This website is a tribute to Irwin Allen, the performers, the production crews, and the studios who made the television shows and movies a reality. It is also a tribute to all the people who help to keep these productions alive for future generations.

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