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Lost in Space

Lost in Space Props

The Irwin Allen shows are memorable for many reasons and one major factor is the extensive range of props created for and used throughout all of the Irwin Allen productions. If you have any original props from the series that you think others would enjoy seeing, please feel free to email over some pictures. Please let us know the name to credit with each photo (can be full name, nickname, initials etc). Thank you to everyone who has provided materials for this gallery.

Android Machine Control Panel
B205 Panel
Chariot Miniature
Circuit Board
Computer Domes
Contact Sheets
Control Panel
Electric Panels
Flight Console Center
Flight Console Radar
Flight Control Station
Flight Deck Computer
Freezing Tube Panel
Full Size Chariot
Full Size Jupiter 2
Full Size Space Pod
Hapgood Panel
Jet Pack Miniature
Jupiter 2
Jupiter 2 Launch Pad
Jupiter 2 Miniature
Laser Rifle 1
Laser Rifle 2
Launch Control
Miss Fishtail Mask
No Place to Hide Script
Power Sage
B9 Robot
B9 Robot Blueprints
Robot Leg Section
Sage Radar Panel
Saticon Wand
Original Scripts
Seeing Eye Pendant
Small Prop Bomb
Space Pod Miniature
Telescope Panel
Transmitter Station
Will Robinson Figure