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ScoutCon 2008

Malachi Throne
Land of the Giants Cast
Heather Young and with fan Brad
Deanna Lund and Heather Young
Giants Cast at Welcome Dinner
ScoutCon 2008 Guests
Felix Silla and Corey
Mark Goddard, Corey and Robot
Giants Cast at ScoutCon 2008
Fan with the Land of the Giants Cast
Keir Dullea, Simon and Gary Lockwood
Simon with Gary Conway
Land of the Giants cast with Simon
Heather Young, Michele Matheson and Deanna Lund
Grace Lee Whitney with Simon
Heather Young, Deanna Lund and Mark Goddard
Fan with the Land of the Giants cast
ScoutCon evening banquet
Malachi Throne, Barbara Luna, Mark Goddard and Gary Lockwood
Gary and Marian Conway with sponsors
Felix and Gil at the evening banquet
Don Matheson and Deanna Lund at the evening banquet
Evening Banquet
Organiser Ted Johnson
Michael Winslow
Tampa Inner Harbour
Mark Goddard
Robot and Mark Goddard

This gallery features photographs taken at the 2008 ScoutCon convention in Tampa, Florida. Our thanks go to everyone who sent in photos of the event.