Land of the Giants stars Deanna Lund and Don Matheson both attended RoVaCon, which was a media convention held in Roanoke, Virginia for many years, starting in 1976.

Past RoVaCon Guests


Deanna Lund will be returning to Virginia on 1st October 2016 to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of RoVaCon 1, the first media event held in Southwestern and Western Virginia. The Virginia Media Event Reunion will be held Saturday 1st October at Holiday Inn, 3315 Ordway Drive Roanoke, VA near the airport. There will be a full day of activities with media guests, speakers, panels, films, memorabilia sales tables and a banquet with a program.

40th Anniversary of Southwestern Virginia's Media Convention Facebook Page


RoVaCon Picture Gallery 1990

RoVaCon Picture Gallery 1991


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