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The Time Tunnel 50th Anniversary

Happy 50th Birthday to The Time Tunnel and to all who have travelled through time with us this past 50 years. On Friday 9th September 2016, The Time Tunnel celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its first broadcast in the US on Friday 9th September 1966. Above are the original US TV Guide clippings for the premiere. Time hasn't weakened the popularity of this series as evidenced by the continued interest amongst fans, collectors, authors, and time travellers! The influence of The Time Tunnel is far reaching as many night clubs, events, movies and tv shows take inspiration from the theme and design of the Time Tunnel for their stories, logos and backdrops. In the UK, The Time Tunnel first aired on the BBC on 9th July 1968, and only had a partial run before being shown in a few ITV regions in the 1970s and then experienced a rebirth over 22 years later on late night television (ITV).


Channel 5 in the UK has been showing the Ultimate Gift series of movies featuring Lee Meriwether as Miss Hastings during August and September 2016.

The Ultimate Gift (2006) featuring Lee Meriwether


Robert Colbert interview on the Stu Shostak radio show

Stu's Show - Robert Colbert Photo Gallery

Robert Colbert, star of The Time Tunnel and City Beneath the Sea, and guest star on Land of the Giants (Sabotage), appeared on Stu Shostak's radio show on Wednesday, 10th October 2012. The two and a half hour interview is now available for downloading.

Purchase the Robert Colbert Interview from Stu's Show Archive (99c)


The Time Tunnel is being released in the UK (Region 2) as a complete, single season DVD set on 13 June 2011. Unique to the British release will be the lenticular packaging with great optical effects.

UK DVD release of The Time Tunnel

Box art courtesy of Revelation Films


The Time Tunnel is also being released in France with a French dubbed soundtrack on 28th June 2011. This version is available through the French Amazon web site.


German DVD for the Time Tunnel Volume 4

All four volumes of the Time Tunnel in German are now available together. Note that whilst the German DVDs are in the PAL format, they do not include an English soundtrack.


German Time Tunnel DVDs

The Time Tunnel has now been released in German in Region 2 PAL format in 4 volumes.

Volume 1 contains episodes: 1) Rendezvous With Yesterday; 2) One Way To The Moon; 3) End Of The World; 4) The Day The Sky Fell In; 5) The Last Patrol; 6) Crack of Doom; 7) Revenge Of The Gods; 8) Massacre

Volume 2 contains episodes: 9) Devil’s Island; 10) Reign of Terror; 11) Secret Weapon; 12) The Death Trap; 13) The Alamo; 14) The Night Of The Long Knives; 15) Invasion

Volume 3 contains episodes: 16) The Revenge Of Robin Hood; 17) Kill Two By Two; 18 ) Visitors From Beyond The Stars; 19) The Ghost Of Nero; 20) The Walls Of Jericho; 21) Idol of Death; 22) Billy the Kid; 23) Pirates Of Deadman's Island

Volume 4 contains episodes: 24) Chase Through Time; 25) The Death Merchant; 26) Attack Of The Barbarians; 27) Merlin The Magician; 28) The Kidnappers; 29) Raiders From Outer Space; 30) Town Of Terror

Note: The German Time Tunnel DVD volumes do not include an English soundtrack.

Time Tunnel Computer Model

David Kleve has created an amazing 3D computer model of the Time Tunnel. Click here or on image below to explore the Time Tunnel model.

The Time Tunnel Model

You can also now pan around the Virtual Reality Time Tunnel. Click here or on the image below to visit.

Virtual Reality Time Tunnel

Legend of Time Tunnel

Marcelo Abeal has written a new book called Legend of Time Tunnel. For more information and pictures on this new book by Marcelo Abeal, please click here or image above.

Introducing The Irwin Allen Vaults

The Irwin Allen News Network and the Motion Picture and Television Photo Archive are proud to bring you the Irwin Allen Photo Vaults including a vault featuring rare Time Tunnel Photos from the MPTV archive.

IANN Membership

IANN is giving away a free membership portfolio with pictures, laminated membership card, mini calendar, IANN magnet, IANN badge plus more.

For full details, please visit the Irwin Allen News Network membership page by clicking here!

Time Tunnel Tribute

IANN is working on an extensive Time Tunnel project and it will include interviews, research, pictures from the cast and much more. Your input is most appreciated and if you would like to contribute to this project, please drop us a line.


The Time Tunnel DVD Volume 1 (episodes 1-15) and Volume 2 (episodes 16-30) are both now available (NTSC region 1 version). The box sets contain interesting extras.

DVD box sets can be purchased from most reputable stores including Amazon. Click here for Irwin Allen DVD list.


Lee has recently made two independent movies, Gone Postal and The Ultimate Gift (co-starring Drew Fuller, Bill Cobbs, James Garner and Brian Dennehy).

Watch out for both in your local cinemas.



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